Cynthia Norton

As an artist I’m inspired by the order and chaos of natural processes.  In creating clothing, I aim for something of the wild yet orderly cohesiveness found in nature.  When paints and dyes meet fabric I allow the unexpected to inform the original idea, while keeping in mind the human form it is intended to celebrate.  I work with a variety of beautiful fabrics, using a range of techniques that involve brushing, flinging, splattering, twisting, dipping, dripping etc . The result is clothing that bears the mark of the artist’s hand in a way that is uniquely expressive and at the same time subtle enough for the wearer to shine through.  Sometimes a customer finds the perfect piece right away and sometimes we collaborate to find what works best, discussing proportion, line, color and fit.  The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing people who look and feel wonderful in my designs because a harmonious match has been found.

Wearable fiber

Contact Information:

Phone: 917-710-1641


14 Whittier Ave. Chautauqua Institution, NY 14722


10am-5 pm studio tour weekends
By appointment the rest of the year