Dale Anderson

For the last ten years, I have been selling my artwork at art shows in the western New York and western Pennsylvania area (Chautauqua Institution, Corning, Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, and Clothesline in Rochester, to name a few).

My work has been displayed at the Portage Hill Gallery in Westfield, New York, and the House on the Hill Gallery, in Mayville, New York, as well as the Brownstone Studio in Titusville, Pennsylvania. It has also been sold at several shops and garden centers.

The majority of my adult life, the years from 1968 through 1999, was spent as an elementary school teacher. Prior to that, I received a B.A. degree from The Pennsylvania State University, and did additional graduate level work at Central Michigan University and the State University of New York at Fredonia, none of which was art related.

I am a self-taught welder/artist who has been making garden art and whimsical sculptures from scrap metals for 20 years.

    I repurpose visually interesting metal shapes that would otherwise be destined for the smelter. The process involves cutting and welding scrap materials with no other manipulation.

     My work evolves from what kind of “junk” I’ll find next. My goal is to transform objects of little or no value into things that will make me, and hopefully others as well, smile.

Garden Art made from Recycled Metals

Contact Information:

Phone: 716-988-5059


8879 Prospect Rd (County Road #87)
Forestville, NY 14062


10am-5 pm studio tour weekends
By appointment the rest of the year