Ronnie Lafferty

I love art-all kinds of art, but I am especially passionate about watercolors. I love the variety of approaches for just about any subject matter. Some say it is a difficult medium but the water is another variable that can be used to great advantage. For me painting is a form of play and experimentation. I love to imagine what could happen and then give it a try. It is also an expression of the sacredness I find in nature and life.

Working primarily in my studio and from photographic reference I carefully try to communicate visually the things I love. Vivid colors and contrasting values characterize the representational images. I feel both gifted and passionate about painting (both God given) and now share that passion teaching watercolor through an arts based ministry, ART START.

Painting has been therapeutic for me and I know it is helpful to others. Everyone has a story to tell and art is a wonderful medium to aid in healing and in expression of life challenges.

Painting and Watercolor

Contact Information:

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15 Hillcrest Drive, Fredonia, NY 14063