Trenton C. Lutes

Trenton’s current works are a culmination of his passion for both painting and photography. During college Trenton stumbled upon the idea of what he refers to as acrylic paint skins. The paint skins are, in a fashion, canvas-less paintings. Trenton recently revived and improved upon this method and also learned a technique that allows him to transfer his photographic images into the paint skin itself creating a hanging work of art that he now refers to as an acrylic paint skin with photographic transfer. Trenton’s photography still stays true to his love of nature and the beauty of the world surrounding him, but is now able to be displayed in a unique and unusual way. Trenton feels that this new style really compliments his images in a way he had previously been unable to achieve.

Acrylic Paint Skins with Photographic Transfers, Photography, and Abstract Acrylic Paintings

Contact Information:
Facebook: @toastedwafflestudios
cell: 315-383-9145


61 Oak St.
Westfield, NY 14787


By Appointment Only

Gallery Representation:

Thomas Annear at 43 Central Ave Fredonia will be hosting Trenton Lutes for the Open Studio Event.
Surroundings Art Gallery