Cocktails and Color Chautauqua

Owners: Kate Tarkowski
Address: Check Website for locations.

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 814-790-1929

Check Website for class times and locations.
Cocktails & Color Chautauqua was Licensed in August of 2015. Owner Kate Tarkowski was the original artist with the Erie Cocktails & Color. After relocating to Chautauqua County she was able to take advantage of the opportunity to license her own Cocktails & Color and bring all of the FUN to WNY!

These canvas painting classes are held in bars and restaurants. We service North East (PA), Chautauqua  County, and the Southtowns. Currently Kate is the
only full-time artist but we do occasionally have Guest

Artists from the Erie location! Each painting is created with the beginning painter in mind, although a more experienced artist is welcome to customize their masterpiece and make it their own. We are available for private events and fundraisers, as well as team-building events and corporate parties.